Alain Lacoursière

A police officer for twenty-eight years, including being in charge of investigations for over twenty years, Alain Lacoursière holds a university diploma in human resources management as well as a BA in art history. In the course of fifteen years devoted to fine art investigation, he has become a well-known specialist in the field and can appropriately answer your needs.

Expertises Alain Lacoursière offers a wide range of services relating to the authentication and evaluation of  works of art, regardless of the nature of the artistic medium used: painting (oil, acrylic), work on paper (watercolor, pastel, charcoal), sculpture (bronze, wood, plaster), print (lithography, serigraphy), engraving (etching, burin, drypoint), as well as any other material specific to an artistic technique (porcelain, glass, etc.).

Curriculum Vitae